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What is Track1?

Track 1: B4030503072400703^BARAK/OBAMA^181820111448800773300000

Start sentinel – ‘B’
‘4030503072400703’ – Primary account number (up to 19 characters).
‘^’ – Field Separator
BARAK/OBAMA – Last Name/First Name (2 to 26 characters)
‘^’ – Field Separator
Four digits ‘1818’ (after separator) – is Expiration date in the format YYMM.
Three digits ‘201’ (after Expiration date) – is Service code.
The rest digits is Discretionary data

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  1. hey, so i stumbled upon this site and thought it was too good to be true. and i reviews from other people say its good. but couldnt you just buy more bitcoin with the cards then get thousands of dollars? or when you buy say the 50usa pack are the cards got a random balance on them?

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